Sellstedt A, Huss-Danell K
Growth, nitrogen fixation and relative efficiency of nitrogenase in Alnus incana grown in different cultivation systems
Plant and Soil: 1984 78:147-158

Three cultivation systems were compared. In one system the alders were grown hydroponically. In the two other systems the alders were planted in gravel and either given water and nutrients at intervals or the nutrient solution was continuously supplied. Alders continuously supplied with nutrients and water showed a significantly more rapid growth, higher biomass production and higher nitrogen content than did alders given nutrients and water at intervals or alders hydroponically grown. Alders continuously supplied with water and nutrients had a constant RE (relative efficiency of nitrogenase) of about 0.80 throughout the experimental period while alders supplied with water and nutrients at intervals showed a slight decrease in RE at the end of the experimental period. No strict relationship was found between RE and nitrogen content or between RE and plant productivity.

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