Rudin D, Alden T, Lindgren D, Harbom B, Ljung K
Inheritance Pattern of 5 Mono Terpenes in Scotch Pine Pinus-Sylvestris
Hereditas-(Lund): 1982 97:261-272
A genetic analysis of differences in the content of .beta.-phellandrene, .beta.-pinene, myrcene, limonene and 3-carene in cortical oleoresin of P. sylvestris is presented. The quantities of 5 monoterpenes in many clones and some crosses between these clones fall into distinct classes. The levels of the 5 monoterpenes .beta.-phellandrene, .beta.-pinene, myrcene, limonene and 3-carene in offspring of several crosses show segregation patterns which are generally compatible with simple Mendelian inheritance, even if complicating factors sometimes occur. The simple mode of inheritance in the level of several monoterpenes as indicated here emphasizes the suitability of these metabolites as a marker for clone identification and for the study of the population genetic structure in P. sylvestris L.