Rudin D, Lindgren D
Study of the Pollination Pattern in a Scotch Pine Pinus-Sylvestris Seed Orchard by Means of Isozyme Analysis
Silvae-Genetica: 1981 30:7-15
A genotype analysis of 3 loci, LAP B, GOT A and GOT B, using 2000 seeds originating from 3 ramets of a marker clone and 10 grafts from surrounding clones was carried out in a seed orchard close to Umea [Sweden]. A significant difference with regard to frequency of genotypes from seeds derived from the 3 ramets was found, and there was variation among sectors at different levels of a crown within a ramet due to differences in the fertilizing pollen cloud. Pollen dispersal seems to be dependent on the coincidence of the time of flowering of male and female trees, the distance from a pollen tree to a mother tree, and wind direction during flowering. A neighboring tree with all favorable conditions received 31% of the fertilizing pollen from the marker ramet. The average frequency of self-pollinated seeds from the marker clone was .apprx. 6% with the lowest frequency at the top of the crown.