Genetics laboratory at UPSC is a facility meant to be a resource for all those working in the UPSC Community. We can perform various jobs in plant molecular biology such as DNA and RNA preparations, PCR, cloning, qPCR. We can also perform other tasks used in the UPSC such as poplar transformation, GUS staining assay, etc. The projects that we can do could be of shorter or longer character.
genomics lab

Please contact us so we can discuss what you want us to do and if it's possible for us to perform. The contact person is Thomas Hiltonen which is the lab manager. You will also get an approximate price of what the job will cost. The cost is dependent on number of samples.

Three people are currently working in the Genomics lab: Thomas Hiltonen (Research engineer, Head of the lab), Susanne Larsson (Research engineer), Ioana Gaboreanu (Research engineer) and Verena Fleig (Research engineer). There is also a steering committee (Stefan Jansson and Ove Nilsson) overseeing the work of this facility.

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