The post-doc fellowship supported by the stipend from Kempe Foundation is available to study cell wall in Ewa Mellerowicz’s lab at UPSC, Sweden.

Applications are considered until the position is filled.

Plant cell walls are protecting the protoplasts, regulating cell shape, and providing tissue strength. They are also involved in signalling used to coordinate development. This project is aiming at identifying hydrophobic components in cell wall and characterization of their dynamics (qualitative and quantitative analysis).

The candidate must have a strong background in biochemistry and good knowledge of GC-MS and HPLC techniques with multivariate analysis skills. Documented ability to identify individual chemical components in complex mixtures is required. The knowledge of plant lipids and/or NMR techniques is an asset.

The position is open immediately. Candidates should be recent graduates (at most 2 years from PhD, or longer if a parental leave was interrupting their professional track).

The Umea Plant Science Centre in Sweden is a strong research academic center merging two universities and focused on plant and tree biology. It is especially famous for its programs in tree biotechnology with world class well-interacting research groups and facilities supporting such research. It is known not only for its science but also for its vibrant multi-cultural environment. The working language is English.

Applications, including university transcripts, CV and a cover letter, and contacts to referees, should be sent to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The applications are considered until the position is filled.