Plant nutrient uptake is a tightly controlled process. An imbalanced nutrient status affects their adaptation strategies to stress conditions and therefore impacts plant growth and productivity. A common theory is that plants rely on inorganic nitrogen (N) forms, e.g. NH4 and NO3 , as the main contributors to plant N nutrition. However, we could show that plants can also take up amino acids (AAs) to fulfill their N needs. Fine-tuning of plant nutrient management can be executed on different levels such as on protein level. It is noteworthy how little is known about the molecular underpinning of AA import regulation, in spite of that transport proteins were described already many years ago.

This project will focus on the regulation of plant nutrient transporters. You will be able to learn and apply molecular techniques such as cloning, heterologous protein expression and purification of target proteins. You will also perform Western Blot analysis in order to visualize those proteins of interest. Our PhD student will guide you through your day-to-day lab work, while you are working with us.

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