Plant glutamate-receptor-like channels (GLRs) function in mediating the transport of Ca²⁺ and other cations and nutrient uptakeThey are important for systemic signal propagation upon wound stress. To study their roles in roots upon wound stress, we will study the subcellular localization of 3 Arabidopsis and 5 tomato GLRs in roots. In Arabidopsis, we already have GLRpromoter::NLS-3xVenus lines and we will check the subcellular localization of GLRs in the root under normal conditions and also in the stress condition. For tomato, we will generate the tomato GLRs transgenic fluorescence marker lines (GLR promoter::NLS-3xVenus) using the root transformation method. In this study, we will do cloning, plant transformation, high- resolution imaging with microscopy, RNA isolation, qRT-PCR, and also other techniques in the areas of molecular, cell, and developmental plant biology. The project aim is to unravel the role of GLRs in roots upon wound stress

Supervisor: Peter Marhavy, Dept of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, SLU.
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