Fluorescence imaging system Speedzen 200 (JBeamBio) designed for measurements of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence, resolved in time and space. The sensor is a Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 LT video camera that can deliver 30 frames per second. The low emission values are represented by cold colours, while strong fluorescence is represented by warm colours, creating the false-colour scale for the fluorescence image.

The device uses the principle of  "dark pulse". The actinic light is cut just before the measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence and re-established immediately after the image is taken. A red filter is placed in front of the camera to separate the blue excitation light from the red fluorescence light. An infrared light source is used to adjust the focus of the lens by illuminating the scene with non-actinic light (740 nm). The camera focal plane is 90 mm below the light sources. The accompanying software offers many possibilities for graphical representation.

More information in this publication: 2009 Johnson et al. Photosynth Res 102, 85.

Fluorescence imaging system SpeedZen 200Fluorescence imaging system SpeedZen 200

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