Program manager for the north Swedish tree breed- ing programs at Skogforsk, including operational breeding and supportive research of mainly Nor- way spruce, Scots pine, lodgepole pine, and birch. Adjunct professor at UPSC with main objective to facilitate knowledge exchange between operational tree breeding and genomic research. Aims are to adopt new techniques into tree breeding as they
are progressing, and to bring research issues to the University that has relevance from tree breeding and operational forestry. An important issue is supply of genetic values (Breeding values) from spruce breed- ing populations and material with known pedigree to support the spruce genome sequencing research at UPSC. Also teaching and supervising PhD students are prioritized.
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One major concern in tree breeding is to prepare for climatic change, including long term breeding strategies as well as cur- rent deployment strategies for reforestation material. Breeding populations with new climatic adaptation pro les are assembled by selecting trees that perform well at particularly warm (or cold) localities in a certain photoperiod (latitude). In addition, generalist trees with low genotype-by-environment interaction and trees with high pest and disease resistance are favoured along with traditional selection criteria (vitality, growth, stem and wood quality). For immediate action a dynamic deployment strategy is developed, based on response functions to match current reforestation material with future growth environments at a given site.

Selected on-going research projects connected to UPSC and TC4F (Trees and Crops for Future):
  • - Spruce phenology in changing climate.
  • Co-workers: J Westin Skogforsk, Helena Gålnander Bergvik Skog AB (PhD student), A M Jönsson Univ. of Lund, E Ögren UPSC.
  • - Meta-analyses of N. spruce population reaction norms. Co-workers: M Berlin and J Westin Skogforsk, Helena Gålnander Bergvik Skog AB (PhD student),
  • L Bärring SMHI, H Wu UPSC.
  • - Somatic embryogenesis (SE) in breeding
  • (2 projects). Co-workers: S Arnold SLU, U Egertsdotter STT, K-A Högberg and J Westin Skogforsk.
  • - Establishing/managing mapping populations for association studies (4 projects). Co-workers: S Jansson UPSC, Bo Karlsson and Gunnar Jansson Skogforsk.
  • - Preservation of the Swedish spruce breeding population. Co-workers: M Lascoux UU, P Ingvarsson UPSC, S Abrahamsson, J Westin, B Karlsson, G Jansson Skogforsk.
  • - Relatedness, genetic variation and inbreeding in natural and managed populations. Co-workers: R Garcia-Gil UPSC, L Östlund SLU and T Mullin Skogforsk.
  • - Quantitative Genetic Survey of Scots Pine and lodgepole pine (2 projects). Co-workers: H Wu and A Fries UPSC, J Kroon and T Persson Skogforsk.
  • - Pollen contamination in tented seed orchards. Co-workers: X-R Wang and T Funda UPSC, U Wenn- ström and C Almqvist Skogforsk.
  • - Pine phenology in maritime and continental climate. Co-workers: A Federkov Russian Academy of Science,T Persson and T Mullin Skogforsk.
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