Plant nitrogen (N) nutrition is a topic that challenges the re- searcher with a number of problems not encountered in other areas of plant mineral nutrition research.The diversity of N forms present in the soil, their interconversions, their different chemical and physical characteristics and not the least the multi- tude of adaptations and acclimatisations that plants display to optimize acquisition of various N forms all contribute to the complexity of plant N nutrition.

Torgny Nasholm 1150Thus, plants can use a wide array of chemical N forms, ranging from the simple inorganic N compounds such as NH4+ and NO3- as well as polymeric N forms such as proteins. My research deals with plant N physio- logy, particularly N acquisition and metabolism of forest plants. This research spans from detailed studies of uptake processes to forest fertilization and environmental effects of N.

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Tests with arginine based fertilizer in a seedling nursery Rotorua, New Zeeland. Selection on D-amino acids.

We have studied uptake of various N forms and demonstrated how field-grown plants acquire different organic N compounds. These studies have stimulated us to characterize the molecular mechanisms underpinning plant organic N nutrition, specifically the specific transporters mediating uptake of various amino acids as well as metabolism of absorbed organic compounds.

We have discovered that plants have a well-developed capacity for using the common L-enantiomers of amino acids but a very restricted capacity to metabolise their D-counterparts.We have also shown how transgenic plants expressing genes encoding D-amino acid metabolising enzymes can detoxify and grow on D-amino acids.This finding has formed the basis for the deve- lopment of a new selectable marker in plant biotechnology, now commercialized under the tradename SELDA. Basic L-amino acids, and in particular L-arginine, are absorbed at high rates by many plants and we have shown that such N forms have spe- cific advantages for cultivation of woody plants such as conifer seedlings.

This finding forms the basis for the development of a new fertilizer – arGrow®, which is now commercialized by the company SweTree Technologies.
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