Lill Eilertsen presents her research project "Impact of root colonization by ectomycorrhizal fungi on drought resistance in pine seedlings".

Twelve PhD students presented their research projects with short pre-recorded video pitches during the KBC DAYS 2020 last week.  The video pitches were the outcome of a course in science communication that the students participated in before. An evaluation committee evaluated all pitches and awarded Lill Eilertsen, PhD student in Judith Lundberg-Felten’s group at UPSC, with the prize for the best presentation.

Every year, the best PhD student presentation is awarded during the KBC DAYS but normally they are presenting their research with a scientific poster. Due to the online format of the KBC DAYS 2020, the organisation committee decided against a poster presentation but instead asked for short pre-recorded video pitches and offered in combination with this a course in science communication. Twelve PhD students affiliated with KBC took the chance and participated in the course. Their video-pitches were evaluated during the KBC DAYS by an evaluation committee of six people and the best presentation was awarded with a travel voucher sponsored by Agrisera AB.