NiklasMahler FlashTalk 1920x1080Christmas trees and jigsaw puzzles - Niklas Mähler won the UPSC flash-talk competition 2018; photo: Anne Honsel
On September 6 and 7, the UPSC Days 2018 took place at Sliperiet on the Umeå Arts Campus. During the two days, the participants listened to vision talks and discussed them, got updated on the news from the infrastructures at UPSC, voted for the best speaker of the flash-talk competition and had a workshop on intercultural communication. The overall feedback from the participants was that these days were very inspiring.

This year’s UPSC Days were organised by a committee representing one member of every staff category, i.e. PhD students, Postdocs, administration and technical personal and group leaders. Their aim was to compile a program that is interesting for everyone working at UPSC and that stimulates internal communication and interactions.

Link to the programme of the UPSC Days 2018