IMG 4122 1920x1080From left to right: Linn Fransson (Agrisera), Anna Gustavsson, Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (Agrisera), Catherine Bellini (Chair of the UPSC board); photo: Anne Honsel
[2017-12-12] The winner of the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2017 was announced today during the UPSC Christmas lunch. The prize is awarded to Anna Gustavsson for her contribution to promote cell biology research at UPSC.

Anna Gustavsson is honoured for her effort in developing and improving the UPSC confocal laser scanning microscopy/macroscopy platform and the platform services. Her useful advices helped to improve the work environment at UPSC and she contributed significantly to several cutting-edge research publications. Anna Gustavsson’s achievement benefitted a lot from Agrisera products emphasizing that she is a very good candidate for the prize even though this was no required criteria this year.

The UPSC Agrisera Prize was presented by Linn Fransson and Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera and by the chair of the UPSC board, Catherine Bellini. The prize is awarded every year to a PhD student, Postdoc or technician at UPSC for excellent scientific achievement and positive contributions to improve the UPSC working environment. It is a personal cash prize in form of a check and can be used for travel costs.