UPSC works to foster international networking and has collaborative links with outstanding research environments in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, the U.S.A., Canada and Japan. The nature of our partnerships vary according to need. We have a strong bilateral partnership with the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in France (UPRA) that provides training for young scientists and supports common research projects between UPSC and eight leading plant biology and ecology laboratories in France. UPSC also has a formal agreement for research cooperation with the RIKEN Plant Science Center (RIKEN-PSC) in Yokahama, Japan. Our goal is to expand our collaborations to other regions of the world, to support and establish research and innovation opportunities with top plant research institutions in Asia, South America and Africa.

UPSC is an international institute. More than 40 nations are represented (42 nations 2016) and the working language is English. About half of our staff members are non-Swedes and we recruit researchers from all over the globe. Post-doctoral fellows have the most diverse nationalities, but also our PIs, graduate and undergraduate students represent many different nations. Consequently, the structure of employed staff and students at UPSC is highly dynamic and represents about 44 nationalities.The iUPSC welcome platform provides services and support for our visitors and foreign employees. This includes help with housing, work permits, bank contacts, social activities, etc. The web page is an open source environment for future, present and past UPSC employees and visitors. Apart from containing practical information, the web page is also a virtual meeting place where UPSC associates may exchange information, stay in touch, and develop new collaboration opportunities.