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Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 10:00 - Thursday, February 25, 2016 17:00
Categories: Dissertations
UREM 2016 - Understanding and applying photosynthesis for a safe future
Organizers: Christiane Funk, Sylvia Larsson, Johannes Hansson and Johannes Messinger

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This meeting is dedicated to presentations and discussions on how sunlight can be transformed into fuels or valuable products and applications. Examples are the storage of light energy in molecular hydrogen (H2), methanol or ethanol produced from water and or CO2 by photosynthetic organisms or by artificial photosynthesis, the cleaning of waste water and CO2-containing flue gasses with photosynthetic organisms, the production of fish food using algae and the efficient use of algae and forest biomass in biorefineries or for the production of biogas. We bring together world experts in the fields of natural and artificial photosynthesis, bioenergy and biorefinery that will interact closely with local researchers and the public to advance these fields.
The Umeå Renewable Energy meeting is an annual event in Umeå since 2009. UREM2016 will take place February 24 and 25. We will have 14 invited speakers (of which 3 give keynote lectures) and 14 local presentations. The meeting is highly interdisciplinary, with speakers and attendees having backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology and physiology. The aim is to strengthen and focus the renewable energy related research in Umeå by inspiring the students and public. For this, also ‘Meet the speaker lunches’ will be organized for students and postdocs, and two public lectures will be held on February 23.

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